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Exchange of Experts, Germany

The Exchange of Experts eventwas the first taking place in Germany and the fourth within the framework of
the IPA Civil Protection Cooperation Programme II. All of the sites visited
during the exchange were in either Bonn or Mainz, Germany. In order to provide
a comprehensive overview of the German Civil Protection System, THW cooperated
closely with other relevant actors such as fire brigades and the Federal Office
for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK).

Different themes and visits to
diverse locations were included into the agenda of the exchange to ensure, that
the areas of interest of the participants were covered. It was intended that
the participants obtain a comprehensive view of the German Civil Protection System.
Care was taken not to overfill the workdays while still permitting time to
answer individual questions. Refer to the Agenda (Annex 2) for details about
the scheduling of activities.

In order to properly
demonstrate the intricacies of the German Civil Protection Systems, the
organizers also ensured that the following points were touched on during the

  • Presentation and exchange of the Civil Protection Systems in the States of the experts
  • The competencies of the federal vs. the state governments in Germany and the effect on the civil protection system
  • THW and its role in civil protection
  • The structure of THW as Germany's sole national civil protection agency
  • BBK and its role
  • The fire departments (public and private) as the initial providers of assistance
  • Inclusion of NGOs into the civil protection system
  • Specialized training and units in THW
  • THW and Germany's role ininternational missions including within the Union Civil Protection Mechanism



14-18 Juli 2014



Bonn, Wesseling, Mainz