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IPA Montenegro Quake 2014 Regional Field Exercise


Teams from eleven countries participated in the first full-scale Exercise within the
IPA CP II Programme. Montenegro hosted the IPA MNE Quake 2014 exercise which
simulated a major earthquake in Podgorica as well as the subsequent deployment
of international assistance.

The IPA MNE Quake 2014 exercised the cooperation within the framework of the Union
Civil Protection Mechanism after a large scale disaster. The teamwork and understanding
shown by the exercise participants on all levels were in line with the over all
objective of the exercise, which was to train and improve the cooperation
between participating teams in the field as well as in the international
coordination structures.

After over eight months of preparations, the base of operations as well as the four
exercise sites were ready to receive the incoming teams. Each of the
beneficiary countries, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, the former
Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo* Serbia and Turkey as well as Croatia
and Slovenia sent USAR teams to take part in the Exercise. A European Civil
Protection Team (EUCPT) deployed to Montenegro to support the local authorities
in the coordination of the incoming international assistance. With more EU
Member States providing Experts as trainers, evaluators and exercise control
staff, the IPA MNE Quake 2014 represented a major event within the IPA CP II

In all, over 250 participants had the opportunity to exercise the different
procedures of an international deployment. In addition to the actual search and
rescue work and the setting up of their own Base of Operations, arriving teams
had to coordinate their actions with local authorities and the so called On
Site Operations and Coordination Center (OSOCC) run by the EUCPT. This provided
the participating teams with plenty of opportunities to cooperatively put their
capacities and talents to use.

The commitment of the host country represented by the Directorate for Emergency Management
in the Ministry of Interior as well as all of the implementing Consortium
Partners and the beneficiary countries guaranteed the success of the exercise.



Setting up the OSOCC

MNE 12 excon

Inside of the OSOCC


Setting up the Base of Operations



MNE 8 TL Meeting

Team Leader meeting


Reception and Departure Center


Host Nation Support

MNE Quake 10 Meeting

 Team Meeting

MNE 2 Factory


MNE 11 trainers


MNE 3 resc




20 - 24 Ocotber 2014