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Vushtrri, Kosovo*

The Staff Course 1 was the second course within the IPA CP Cooperation Programme and the first course focusing on staff work and information management aimed at civil protection experts working at national or regional headquarter level. In all, 20 participants from Albania, Montenegro, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey and Kosovo* were present during the 5 day long course.

The participants benefited from the hospitality of the Kosovo Emergency Management Agency, a diverse mix of civil protection experts from Member States serving as course managers and staff, as well the professional facilities at the Academy for Public Safety in Vushtrri, Kosovo*.

The full spectrum of the lectures covered:

  • Union Civil Protection Mechanism
  • Deployments within and outside of the EU
  • International Partners, Actors and Systems in Civil Protection
  • Staff Organisation and Procedures
  • Information Management
  • Security Management
  • Media Policy

After nearly three days of lectures laced with group work, the course culminated in a series of mini exercises that permitted the participants to brandish their skills honed during the training. Each exercise activity was directly aimed at a selection of the lecture units in the preceding days. All of the training staff, especially the trainers, were impressed with the participants’ commitment to every minute of the exercise even after a week packed with lectures and information.


SC1 kosovo groupfoto

 Group Photo

SC1 kosovo groupwork1

Group Work

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 Group Work

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 Group Work

 SC1 kosovo participants

 Group Work

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  The IPA Tree





17 - 22 November 2014



Vushtrri, Kosovo*