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Team Management Course 1

Durres, Albania

The Team Management Courses 1 (TMC 1) was the first training course conducted by the
IPA  CP  II  consortium.  It  took  place  in  Durres  /  Albania  and  was  organized  in  close
cooperation with the partners in Albania, the General Directorate for Civil Emergencies and
the Vacation house for officers which belongs also to the Albanian Ministry of Interior. 
All partners worked closely together in order to enable a smooth training. 


Content of the Training

Topics covered in the TMC 1 were the following: 

  • The Union Civil Protection Mechanism with a focus on its operational tools
  •  Modules within the Union CP Mechanism 
  •  USAR modules (including an introduction into INSARAG methodology)
  • Mechanism partners, procedures and processes in international response operations 
  • National and international coordination arrangements in a disaster-affected country
  • Assessment and mission preparation
  • Mission planning (nationally, regionally as well as internationally)
  • Safety procedures
  • Communication in emergencies with a focus on missions abroad

All of the course material was presented by lecturers that were themselves experts in the subject being covered. The sessions featured a lecture and a groupwork component, to ensure an interactive learning environment.
Group work component was also intended to promote interaction from the participants of the different countries. 

The second part of the Training permitted the participants to put their recently gained knowldge to use in the form of a table top exercise after a simulated earthquake scneario in Durres, Albania triggering a request for international assistance. The organizers of the trainin developed a DSEC to ensure that all aspects covered durign the TMC course were covered in the exercise. The involved staff took on the role of EXCON and Trainers and worked closely with the teamleaders of the "incoming assistance" Teams as well as the Albanian Team who exercised their role as Host Nation Support with Support from the HQ of the General Directorate of Civil Emergencies.

After 4 1/2 days of lectures and table top exercise the TMC 1 Training concluded with a final dinner that saw the participants and the staff  as wel as the General Secretary of the Ministry of the interior of Albania, the acting Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia adn the Chancellor of the German Embassy in attendance.








9–13 June 2014



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