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The key activities and tools of the programme are intended to promote capacity building at administrative, operational and policy levels. This will be achieved through the means of trainings, field exercises, table top exercises, exchanges of experts, discussion based workshops, technical support and supporting networks of various stakeholders in the Western Balkans and Turkey and with EU Member States.


Component I

Capacity-raising through trainings and exchange of experts

This project is funded by the European Union

1.1 Training
  • a training programme encompassing at least 5 courses following the logic and rationale of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism training courses with adaptation to regional needs.
1.2 Exchanges of experts
  • the organisation of at least 35 expert exchanges in total.


Component II

Capacity-raising through exercises

2.1 Field Exercises
  • Two field exercises preceded by planning meetings, preparedness sessions and table-top exercises. Participation of intervention teams coming from at least three Beneficiaries and two Participating States of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.
2.2 Observers
  • Participation of observers from Beneficiaries in the EU Civil Protection Mechanism exercises.


Component III

Capacity-raising through TTX on HNS, workshops and provision of technical support

3.1 Table top Exercises
  • One table-top exercise in each beneficiary country with a focus on host nation support (HNS). The exercises will involve representatives from national institutions relevant for the provision of HNS (7 HNS table-top exercises in total)
3.2 Workshops
  • Two policy workshops on topics relevant to disaster prevention, preparedness and response at EU or regional level.
3.3 Technical Support
  • The provision of technical support if requested on development of standard operational procedures, legislation etc.